Get Your Port Charlotte And Punta Gorda Florida Marriage License By Mail


Are you planning your Florida Destination Wedding?


Save yourself priceless time in losing hours by going to the courthouse to get your Florida Marriage License. You have a unique opportunity that will save you time and avoids the worry of getting your Florida Marriage License in time for the ceremony.


Florida Marriage License Express

What are the advantages to obtaining my Marriage license by mail?

  • You don’t have to worry about taking the time to find a local courthouse.

  • You don’t have to worry about the possibility of getting lost on the way to the courthouse.

  • Even if the Courthouse is closed due to bank holidays – this will not stop you being able to get married.

  • Saves ½ a day of your holiday/vacation.

  • If you are flying in just before your wedding, it saves you time which could be used doing something else.

  • One thing you can cross of your to do list.

  • Avoid having to be present at the courthouse together if one of will arrive on a Holiday or weekend.

  • Free yourself to complete last minute details for your wedding day

Why apply for you Florida Marriage License by mail?

The marriage license by mail is available to all non Florida residents wishing to get married in the State of Florida. This is especially helpful in planning your Florida Destination Wedding from out of state and this is a convenient way to get all your paperwork done without having to apply in person at a local clerks office as soon as you get to Florida. Often a wedding is planned on the weekend and the Florida Marriage License By Mail no longer makes it  necessary for you to arrive days ahead of time to take care of your license.

Many past applicants have been from Oversees, no more language barriers or precious vacation time wasted while waiting in lines. The Florida Marriage License in Absentia (by mail) is a legal document and exactly the same as if you would apply for in person.


Frequently asked questions?


When should we apply for the Florida Marriage License By Mail?Recommended is to apply for your license 65 days prior your wedding date.

How long does it take to get our Florida Marriage License? We apply for your license the next working day after receiving your completed application. Couples receive their pre license for notarization in approximately 5 working days via E-mail. The next step is to return the notarized application with both of your signatures and state issued photo ID’s back to our office. Then we will submit all paperwork and complete the process to obtain you Florida Marriage License. We will them mail the license to you or hold on to the Florida Marriage License if we are your wedding officiants. The processing time takes 3 – 4 weeks to complete.

My fiancee lives in another State then me, can we still file via mail?  Yes you can.

We will instruct you how to go about this.

Is the Florida marriage License valid in any city in Florida? Yes, you may get married anywhere in the State of Florida with the Florida marriage License.

How long is the Florida Marriage License valid? The Florida Marriage License is valid for 60 days.

If I am not an American Citizen and I live abroad, can I apply for a Florida Marriage License By Mail? Yes, you don’t have to be a US Citizen to apply for a Florida Marriage License.

Do I need any documents translated? No there are no documents required that need translation.

Will I have to decide what name changes I will be using once married ahead of time? No, name changes will be done after the wedding takes place and you will need your completed and certified Florida Marriage License to get your name changes legally.

Will my marriage be recognized worldwide? Yes, a Florida Marriage License is recognized in many countries. However most foreign countries will require an Apostille for legalization. Please check with your local authorities.

Can I apply for a marriage license by mail directly at the Clerk of Court?No, only registered and authorized companies that our registered, as we are, are allowed to file for your Florida Marriage License by mail.

I need my license in a very short amount of time is this possible? Yes, we can expedite the process of obtaining your Florida Marriage License By Mail. We have the option of express filing please review our order page and available packages.


 With 12 years of experience in offering licenses by mail, your application is dealt with fast and efficiently.

Our payment page is protected by Paypal to ensure your personal details are transmitted using the highest security standards.

*Please note: We cannot submit for the Marriage License by Mail until we are within 70-days of your ceremony. For Example: 4/27/19 Ceremony Date (Apply for license 02/17/19)

How it works

Florida Marriage License by Mail provides a quick, efficient and user friendly wedding license by mail service.

STEP 1 - Application and Payment

Complete the online application form including an upload of your driver’s licenses (US citizen) or Passport photo page (International citizens). Once the form is completed you'll be forwarded to our secure payment system.

STEP 2 – Courthouse Processing

On receipt of your application form and payment, we'll process your application directly with the courthouse.

STEP 3 – License Preparation

The courthouse will prepare your wedding license and we will email it to you with full details for the next steps in the process and the Florida Marriage Statement.

STEP 4 – Visit a Public Notary

You should now arrange to meet with a Public Notary/Solicitor with a notary stamp, to have your documents notarized as per the steps detailed in our correspondence.

STEP 5 - Send your Notarized copies & Statement to us**

The wedding license (two copies) and statement should then be returned to us at the address given on the letter. You should enclose a note stating where you want the letter sent back to once the final steps have been taken by the courthouse.

STEP 6 - Notarized copies sent to Courthouse

Approximately 50 days prior to the wedding (if not within this time) we arrange to send your wedding license and Florida Marriage Statement to the courthouse for its final issue date – that will make it valid for your wedding day.

STEP 7 - Wedding license issued

Once we get your completed wedding license back from the courthouse – it will be mailed back to your home address, if time permits – if not to whomever you are working with in Florida (US couples only) regular mail only. International couples – will need to provide a Florida address for it to be mailed to.

**Fed Ex Service (US destinations only)


The Benefits of our Service

So, you have booked your venue, your vendors and now you have to think about the legal side of things.

We all have busy lives and do not have time to attend a courthouse for a couple of hours to obtain a wedding license.

We've work directly with the Charlotte County Courthouse seamlessly and professionally organising and delivering wedding licenses by mail.

Over that time, we've assisted thousands of couples from the UK, Canada, Florida and across the US as well as almost every other country across the globe. And it's fair to say that pretty much everyone has been delighted with the ease, transparency and value of our service.


  • Valuable Time Avoid wasting half a day of your holiday

  • Stress Free

  • No driving, queuing or last-minute complications

  • To do list

  • One big thing to cross off your to do list


Pricing depends on when your initial application is made in relation to your wedding date

  • MORE THAN 61 DAYS$190

  • 40 - 60 DAYS$210

  • 30 - 39 DAYS$235 FED EX to final destination

Terms and Conditions

If you would prefer to have tracking ability for your finished wedding license – we are happy to provide FED EX service to it’s final destination. The pricing is $55.00 irrespective of service used - i.e. overnight, 2 day etc or we are happy for you to provide a return shipping label

If for any reason 20 days prior to the wedding all paperwork has not been received we reserve the right to refuse you application and ask you to go to the nearest courthouse on arrival into Florida, no refund will be given.

We cannot accept responsibility for any licenses lost in the mail or mailings sent to the incorrect address, if we were not advised of a different address from the one that payment was made with.