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Reservation Form and Deposit

Before we get started, we want to let you know about our
reservation form. Found on this website under the “Book Your Event” tab, the reservation form must be completed and submitted, along with your deposit, to secure your wedding date and time on our calendar.


If you have your date and time already decided on, and haven’t made final decisions about other components of your ceremony, we recommend you complete the reservation form and choose “undecided” in the applicable fields. All design choices related to the décor for the packages can be changed up to a month before your ceremony date. Floral and Special Touches decisions can be changed up to two weeks before your ceremony date.

As always, you can contact our experienced wedding planners at any time if you have questions.


Choose a Date and Time, and Reserve It

This is where most brides and grooms start…deciding on a date and time. The date of your ceremony is a very special and personal process – choosing dates that have meaning in other ways in your life, or unique dates such as 11/12/13. Or even picking a date that is easy to remember, like your our your partner’s birthday or parent’s anniversary.


Once you have a date, you can either complete the reservation formand make your deposit now to reserve your date and time, or continue with the planning process.  Once the reservation form is completed and the deposit has been made, you will be contacted by one of our friendly staff to review your details and welcome you!  Our representative will prepare you a service agreement and send you additional information that will explain in more detail how the process will work and how it things will go on your wedding day.


Review our Beach Wedding Packages

The first thing you will want to do is review our Florida Beach Ceremony Packages page. Each package has its own unique character and each includes the Special Touches we felt would complete the full design ensemble for a eclectic wedding experience. Please browse the packages and decide which one is best suited to your taste!


Our packages


Following these instructions to navigate through each package page:

A. Décor – This tab details what décor is included with the package. Décor includes the major design element (2 or 4-post arbor, wedding arch, tropical pedestals, etc.), with some packages offering different options from which you can choose. These different options are conveniently labeled “Option 1” and “Option 2.”  This tab also details any supporting décor elements that are included, such as tiki torches or bamboo poles, which may also have different options from which to choose.

B. Aisle – if your package includes an aisle, this tab will be visible. Currently, there are three different aisle types from which to choose.

C. Special Touches – these are “extras” that are included with a package. Of course, you may add more Special Touches to your package to personalize it and design your complete dream ceremony. View all of the Special Touches available here.

D. The Essentials – these are the items that are included with every package an Officiant, photographer, digital photos w/ copyright release from your special day, online gallery, etc. Read detailed descriptions of The Essentials here.

Also included at the bottom of each page is a photo gallery of our favorite setups. If, after reviewing the packages, you are having trouble deciding on a package, let our experienced wedding planners assist you in choosing the exact package and special touches – keep it stress free!


Choose your Special Touches

Although we have designed our packages to include those elements that will make for a beautiful dream wedding, commitment, vow renewal or elopement ceremony, you may still want to include those extra special somethings that will make your event stand out and be more personal to you. To accomplish this, we have many different extras from which to choose to really make your ceremony your very own…we call them Special Touches.


Take a stroll through our interactive gallery to experience our unique and affordable Special Touches to complete your ultimate dream beach or lake wedding.


Decide on a Location

We have many locations to choose from in many different areas – all over Florida! Location is important – many factors must be considered while choosing a location for your beach or land ceremony, such as close proximity to reception venues, adequate parking for your guests, beach and park traffic, whether restrooms are available and cleanliness of the area.  Find the location that is right for you on our Locations Page. Remember to choose your location early, because a permit may be required and it could take up to 45 days to complete the permit process.



Review and Sign the Service Agreement

Once the reservation form is completed and the deposit has been made, you will be contacted by one of our friendly staff to review your details and welcome you! One of our Wedding Planners will prepare for you a service agreement which will be sent to you via email which you will need to sign and return to us. For your convenience, you will be able to sign the contract electronically.…no need to print and mail it back – just sign from the email!


The contract must be returned within ten (10) days of the effective date or fourteen (14) days prior to ceremony, whichever date comes first – so please remember to read it thoroughly and return to us. As with anything else, if you have questions or need assistance, one of our wedding planners will be glad to help!

Obtain Your Permit

Please get your permit!  If your beach location choice requires a permit, please attend to this as soon as possible. Some beaches have limitations on how many weddings can take place per day – get that permit now so you don’t lose your desired location. Also, the permit process can sometimes take up to 45 days to complete. If you haven’t decided on your exact location as of yet, please notify us as soon as you decide so we can get the permit process started! Don’t wait too long!



Obtain Your Marriage License

You must obtain a marriage license before the wedding! Please visit our marriage license page for all the details on obtaining a marriage license in the state of Florida.

Complete the Wedding Details Form

You will be asked to complete the online Wedding Details Form, which provides us with information important to your special day. This includes your day-of-ceremony contact info, bridal party information, vow, music, floral, seating and color choices for package setups and Special Touches. This form must be completed no later than two weeks prior to your ceremony, or ASAP for last-minute bookings. The link to this form is provided to you via email.


Final Decisions and Important Dates

For those items of which you were still deciding and did not provide on your reservation form (such as your floral spray choice, arbor colors, bouquet choice, additional Special Touches, etc…), there are certain dates that we ask that you provide the information to us.


  – Due no later than thirty (30) days prior to our event

  – all design choices related to the package décor

– no changes to package within thirty (30) days of your event

 – Due no later than fourteen (14) days prior to your event

– Floral and Special Touches choices
– Submission of your vow and music choices – if vow and music choices are not made by this time, we will use traditional ceremony options
– Final payment on balance due
– Completion of the online Wedding Details Form (see prior tab for details)
– Permit process needs to be completed with permit in hand

Of course, we can make exceptions regarding due dates for short-notice bookings and extraordinary circumstances.

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