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Traditional Ring Vows

You are my love, my life, my best friend
and with this ring I wed thee;
may it be a reminder of my love and the sacred commitment
I have made here today.


To marry the person you have set your heart upon
is a joy unparalleled in human life.
______, take this ring as a sign of my faith
and my commitment to our love,
and share this joy with me today.




You are my beloved and I give you this ring
as a visible reminder to you and all who see it
that my love for you is constant and eternal.




As this ring encircles your finger from this day forward,

year in, year out, so will my love ever encircle you.
Wear this ring as a symbol of this love.




With this ring I seal the commitment I have made to you today;
may you wear it proudly as my (husband/wife).




_______________, take this ring as a seal upon the marriage vows
I have spoken and, as you wear it, may it be a reminder
of how much I love you, not only on this precious day,
but every single day of your life.




What have I to give you, __________?
The promise to take you as my only love from this day forward,
To stand by your side, to listen when you speak,
To comfort you when you cry.
And to join your laughter with my own.
Take this ring, and be my (husband/wife)




As I place this ring on your finger,
its perfect symmetry is a symbol of our perfect love.
It has no beginning and no ending,
a symbol of the eternal commitment
we have made to each other today.




Just as this ring is made from precious metal, sturdy and strong,
so will our marriage be; a precious commitment to each other that remains
sturdy and strong until death do us part.
Just as our love is shining and pure, so is this wedding ring,
an emblem of the lifelong commitment I have made to you this day.




_____________. With this ring I wed you;
with my body I worship you,
and with all my worldly goods I endow you.




As a sign of my commitment and the desire of my heart,
I give you this ring.
May it always be a constant reminder
that I have chosen you above all others and that,
from this day forward, you are my (husband/wife).




______________, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you.
Let it remind you always, as it encircles your finger, of my eternal love, surrounding you and enfolding you day and night.




You are my beloved (bride/groom) and I marry you today
with this ring as I give you my heart, my body,
and every breath of my soul.




Just as this band wraps endlessly around your finger,
so shall my love always wrap around the very breath of your soul;
may it be a sacred reminder of the vows I have spoken this day.




I give you this ring as a sign of our marriage.
With my body I honor you,
All that I am I give to you,
And all that I have I share with you.




_________, with free and unconstrained soul,
I give you all that I am and all I am to become.
Take this ring, and with it my promise of faith, patience, and love,
For the rest of my life.

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