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***Personalized Enhancements***

One thing that we have learned after doing beach weddings for many years is that our bridal couples love to have their very own PERSONALIZED additions to the ceremony to make their special day even more meaningful. We have watched as couples have gone through great expense, time, and effort to lug countless personal items to the beach for the ceremony – and then have NO PLAN for what to do with the items afterwards.


We listened and We HEAR YOU!  

To make all of our couples’ lives easier as they prepare for the journey to the beach for their wedding experience, we have launched a new line of personalized additions at fair and affordable pricing.  


This means that we do all the hard work when it comes to making your ceremony experience that much more memorable – not to mention less of a hassle on you leading up to the wedding. You no longer have to think about hunting for and buying personal items, transporting everything to the beach worrying about breakage, carrying everything to the beach when you are trying to enjoy your big day, and worrying about what to do with everything AFTER the ceremony when you no longer have a need for the items. 


We truly feel that we have covered all the bases with our custom wedding items!

Let us know what you would like your announcement or welcome sign to say.

We will custom design it with your verbiage.


We Take Care Of It For You So That You Don’t Have Too!

Happy Browsing!!



Custom   & Personal Signs

Beach Weddings Englewood Florida - Chalkboard Wedding Sign_edited.jpg


Personalize Your Announcement

Single Sided $29
Double Sided $39


Beach Weddings Englewood Florida - Chalkboard Wedding Sign  - 941-623-5467_edited_edited.j

Tell us whatever you would like to announce on your,

Personalized Wedding Ceremony Chalkboard Sign.

Then we will take it from there

Have it proudly displayed at your wedding site.


It is even DOUBLE-SIDED!


You can use the wording you see above (with YOUR names of course) or,

you can come up with your own sayings or messages.


We customize it, deliver it, set it up at your ceremony site for you.


Welcome To Our Wedding, Pick A Seat Sign,



Shoes Basket & Sign
Option #1
Sign With
Shoe Basket



Shoes Here Sign,
No Basket 

Option #2
Sign Only
Shoe Basket



Gift Table With Card Box.jpg

Gift Table With Card Box

This setup comes complete with Covered Table, Box for Cards, and “Gifts & Cards” Plaque.

This can be added to any any wedding location,
not just for a beach wedding.

officiant ministers justice of peace port charlotte florida 941-623-5467 - wedding planner

Shoes Here
Vows There
Love Everywhere



officiant ministers justice of peace port charlotte florida 941-623-5467 - wedding planner

Shoes Here
Vows There
Love Everywhere
Post Sign
Shoe Sign & Basket 


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